Yuri Volodarsky & Friends
Hot Dozen (Audio Version)
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Hot Dozen is a collection of some of our best video clips, from some of the best days of television – the time that many people remember fondly, with nostalgia. The humor, the quality of the filming, the actors, and and the sheer energy and enthusiasm on display. These are gems that you just won't see in modern film, TV, or video. These 12 short stories will definitely make you smile. Most of the videos were part of films, such as "Word Of Love," "Festival," "You And Me," and "Foxy Roxy Song." Some come from various television channels such as "Task Is Over" and "7 Days With A Russian Beauty." All were produced by "Yuri Volodarsky & Friends" feature creative scripts, great direction, amazing cinematography and great music. HOT DOZEN is both a hot commodity and a unique, MUST SEE collection!
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