Yuri Volodarsky & Friends
The Dream Of The Little Princess
AFL Music
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Put plainly, “The Dream Of The Little Princess” is really a remarkable and satisfying work. Listen to some of the world’s most extraordinarily talented musicians such as Sara Lee, Joel Taylor and Edward Tsiselsky, who is basically a one-man orchestra. Simply amazing. In this single, there are amazing musical idea that could've easily ended up in a movie soundtrack. Some of you will recall your youth and passion for a first love or for a dream which will come through. Ahh, musical memories! So, after a long day at work, do what all music lovers do - come home, light a candle, pour a glass of full bodied Napa Cabernet and enjoy this beautiful music...The Dream Of The Little Princess.

released December 25, 2016

Sarah O'Brien – Cello
Edward Tsiselsky – Piano, Synthesizer
Vitaly Kis – Acoustic Guitar
Joel Taylor– Drums
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