Yuri Volodarsky & Friends
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"Revelation" is like a wonderfully satisfying journey. And you can depart right now. If you're happy, or sad, or somewhere in between, you'll find a part of yourself in this album. Join us - from New York to Los Angeles to London to Moscow. From rock to blues. From fiery Brazilian to rap. This album literally has something for everyone. The best musicians in the world worked extremely hard to create the music, and the mood, just for you. Marco Mendoza, Eric Marienthal, Luis Conte and others, many of whom are Grammy winners. Yuri Volodarsky and friends presents this wonderful album. For you. You really have to hear it!

released July 1, 2015

Marco Mendoza - Vocals
Eve Cornelious - Vocals
JD Walter - Backing Vocals
Malik - Rap Vocals
Eric Marienthal - Alto and Soprano Sax
Gary Meek - Flute, Alto and Tenor Sax
Mike Miller - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Jeff Kollman - Guitar
Pavel Chekmakovsky - Guitar
Sergei Shanglerov - Guitar
Dmitry llugdin - Piano, Synthesizers
Edward Tsiselsky - The ET Horns
Eugene Sharikov - Bass Guitar & Synth Bass
Luis Conte - Percussion
Vartan Babayan - Percussion
Joel Taylor - Drums
Peter Ivshin - Drums
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