Yuri Volodarsky & Friends
Without A Word
AFL Music
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Put plainly, “Without A Word” is really a remarkable and satisfying work. Listen to some of the world’s most extraordinarily talented musicians such as Julian Coryell, Joel Taylor, Dmitry Ilugdin, Mark Shulman and Edward Tsiselsky, who is basically a one-man orchestra. Simply amazing. In this album, there are endless musical ideas that could've easily ended up in dozens of movie soundtracks. Some of you will recall your youth and passion for progressive rock. Ahh, musical memories! So, after a long day at work, do what all music lovers do - come home, light a candle, pour a glass of full bodied Napa Cabernet and enjoy this beautiful music...Without a Word.

released June 1, 2015

Edward Tsiselsky & The ET Symphony Orchestra
Julian Coryell - guitar
Sergei Shanglerov - guitar
Sergey Terentiev - rhodes piano
Dmitry Ilugdin - piano
John Flannery - bass
Mark Schulman - drums
Joel Taylor - drums
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Song Time Label Price
Animal Wars (Medley) 00:05:14 AFL Music $1.29
My World 00:04:38 AFL Music $1.29
Artifact 00:06:24 AFL Music $1.29
Funhouse Mirrors (Invasion) 00:05:13 AFL Music $1.29
Retribution 00:07:15 AFL Music $1.29
Shadow Of Love 00:07:05 AFL Music $1.29
Adrenaline 00:04:22 AFL Music $1.29
Jazz For My Little Baby 00:04:15 AFL Music $1.29
Le Galop du Nouvel Annee 00:03:24 AFL Music $1.29